How to choose playing cards?

January 13, 2021


It’s time to buy playing cards and you are faced with the question of which cards to choose? There are many manufacturers, prices differ by 2, 3 4 and up to 10 times a deck of cards, but how to choose the one that you need? First of all, you must understand how you will use it? Do you need playing cards for poker, cards for playing the fool, cards for preference, cards for tricks, fortune-telling (TAROT) or do you collect unusual playing cards and want to buy another deck for your collection?

Plain playing cards

These are playing cards that have no additional properties and are intended for the unassuming buyer. These include paper playing cards of unknown manufacturers, of any size, or cards with which manufacturers complete sets for poker. They are suitable for playing a fool, a drunkard, playing solitaire and even poker. But when playing poker, a heavy load is placed on the corners of playing cards and such cards can be easily damaged. If you are going to play poker in the evening and you have only one deck of ordinary playing cards, then there is a high probability that in the heat of excitement you will damage one of the cards and there will be nothing to replace it with.

Playing cards for magic tricks

Playing cards for tricks differ in the surface of the playing card. It should be specially coated so that cards lying on top of each other can slide easily. Such decks are produced in the USA and are presented in the assortment of Bicycle, Bee, Tally Ho companies. Of course, such cards can be played both poker and the fool and play solitaire, but for playing the fool they are expensive, and for poker they do not have the necessary degree of durability. Some of these decks are equipped with special cards that are used in certain tricks, have an inconspicuous trapezoidal shape, and may have special markings on the back of a playing otakupoker card so that you can guess the suit and value of the card. They can be designed, when each playing card has its own individual design, such cards are more suitable for collections, but are also often used for tricks. Poker or other games are inconvenient to play.